Mindelheim, 23 June to 02 July 2023

Festive events

Festive events

Historical parade - the history of Mindelheim

The magnificent historical parade is not only the heart of the Frundsberg Festival, but also the most traditional element in its history going back almost 160 years. In the midst of the picturesque atmosphere of the medieval town center, around 2.500 participants relive their history along with 200 horses, more than 30 carriages and cannonry – beginning with the dynasty of the Mindelberg, the assumed founders of the town of Mindelheim and rulers from around 1160 until 1363, continuing with the Dukes of Teck (1365-1439) and the Knights of Rechberg (1444-1467), and with the famous Tyrolean dynasty of Frundsberg (1467-1586). For a short period of time, they all do return to life: Emperors and kings, lords and ladies, townspeople and merchants, craftsmen and peasants, beggars and jugglers, the famous Landsknechte (mercenaries) with their Tross (camp followers) and last but not least, Georg von Frundsberg himself.

Festive events
Festive events

Here they all come alive again ...

Citizens, farmers and beggars, jugglers and minstrels, moriscos and dancers, craftsmen and falconers, the executioner and his henchmen, heavily armed bands of lansquenets followed by a troop of sutlers, representatives of the clergy, Emperor Maximilian I and Emperor Karl V. with their court and, of course, the main character himself: Georg von Frundsberg on horseback.

Impressions of the Frundsbergfest 2018

Festive events

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