Mindelheim, 23 June to 02 July 2023

Mediaeval town festival and camp life

Mediaeval town festival and camp life

Stay, feast and enjoy

The camps of the ensembles and historical groups line up along the largely preserved ring of walls surrounding the old town, with its winding alleys, picturesque courtyards, martial towers and closely guarded town gates, inviting visitors to linger. Each of these camps, designed with great dedication and attention to detail, attracts visitors with its own special atmosphere.
In the midst of tents, bath tubs and taverns, lansquenets and sutlers sit around the campfire together with the guests until deep into the night. Trumpets and bag pipes play, fighters show their swordsmanship, sutlers dance exuberantly and many a lansquenet sings a song in honour of his master, Georg von Frundsberg.

Camp life
24 June - 03 July 2022

Friday, Saturday & Sunday

Mediaeval town festival and camp life

Office of the Festring

Frundsberg Festring Mindelheim e.V.
"Alte Fronfeste" – Imhofgasse 3
87719 Mindelheim


08261 / 5584
08261 / 738441

Office's open hours

Tuesdays: 9 am to 12 pm
Thursdays: 2 pm to 5 pm
Support: Doris Kawan


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