About us

About us

The Frundsberg Festring Mindelheim e.V. was founded on July 19, 1977 by initiative of seven inhabitants of Mindelheim as a public, incorporated association listed in the register of associations without any confessional or political motivation whatsoever. The Frundsberg Festring is committed to the maintenance and continual further development of the Frundsberg Festival, the re-enactment of the medieval times in tradition, music and all sorts of performances as well as the preservation of Mindelheim living carnival tradition.

For these purposes, the association pursues the foundation and promotion of historical and musical groups, the planning, organization and performance of the triennially Frundsberg Festival and engages in permanent quality-improvement activities. Besides, the Frundsberg Festring acts as a holding organization for several different historical and two carnival departments as well as numerous sections.

The association encompasses the following departments:

The association encompasses the following departments:


Armbrustschützengilde Fähnlein Rechberg

Narrenzunft "Durahaufa Mindlhoim"

Faschingsgilde Mindelonia

Frundsberg Fähnlein

Fähnlein Helfenstein

The sections include

The sections include


Renaissance Music Group / Musica Gallina

Georg von Frundsberg together with Royal Household

Renaissance Dancing Group "I Pavoni"

Bürgergilde Mindelheim

Tanzgruppe "Saltarello"


Office of the Festring

Frundsberg Festring Mindelheim e.V.
"Alte Fronfeste" – Imhofgasse 3
87719 Mindelheim


08261 / 5584
08261 / 738441

Office's open hours

Tuesdays: 9 am to 12 pm
Thursdays: 2 pm to 5 pm
Support: Doris Kawan


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