Fähnlein Helfenstein

Fähnlein Helfenstein

Under the Sign of the Elephant

Founded in 1980, the Fähnlein Helfenstein originally emerged from the "carriage construction" group of the Frundsberg Festring. This is a task that the ensemble still performs, in addition to preparing and decorating the floats for the Sunday parades. Like the other Fähnlein, the Helfensteiner also maintain a large camp for the Frundsberg Festival, which is particularly popular with visitors and active members. Initially located near the Malefiz Tower, the camp moved to the large Colleghof in 2006 due to the cramped conditions, and the Helfensteiner have since become an integral part of the festival. The attractions of the Fähnlein include not only the freshly prepared Rahmfleck but also the Helfensteiner drummers. However, both can only be enjoyed every three years at the Frundsberg Festival, but also at the annual Helfensteiner Day and the Spectaculum, which was launched in 2007. In addition, the ensemble has dedicated itself to practising the use of the various types of weapons, from artillery to cut and thrust weapons to spears. The regular meetings, also called weapon drills, in the Eichet just outside Mindelheim are entirely devoted to the safety of the participants, which can only be guaranteed by mastering the weapon on the one hand and the historical commands on the other.

The ensign is named after Count Ludwig von Helfenstein (1494-1525), a member of an old Swabian noble family, who fought as a captain with his Fähnlein under Georg von Frundsberg in Upper Italy and was executed by revolutionary peasants in the Peasants' War of 1525 near Weinsberg according to the law of long spears. The elephant can be explained by the Middle Ages' preference for so-called speaking coats of arms. The Middle High German term for elephant is Helfant or Helefant, which on the one hand explains the family name of the Helfensteins and on the other hand stands for strength, cleverness and tractability.

Further information on the homepage of the Fähnlein Helfenstein.


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