Main office and general equipment

Main office and general equipment

Main office / Fronfeste

Owing to generous private donations, public financing and considerable own funding, the Frundsberg Festring was able to move its’ headquarters into the completely renovated so-called “Fronfeste” in the year 2000. The relocation put an end to all temporary solutions and placed the main office directly into the heart of things. The so-called hall of knights emerged as ideal venue for meetings and other events of the association.

General equipment halls

The numerous carriages, carts, small historical houses and many other requisites are stored in the general equipment hall on the Eichet area. Besides, there are the depots of the various other historical groups.

Sewing room and costume stock

Finally, both the sewing room and the costume stock are located under the roof of the municipal school of music. About eight experienced voluntary helpers (as well as one man for the more strength-sapping tasks) are fully immersed in all tailoring and sewing issues. More than 1.300 costumes are kept in stock along with countless shoes, belts, hats and stockings.

Office of the Festring

Frundsberg Festring Mindelheim e.V.
"Alte Fronfeste" – Imhofgasse 3
87719 Mindelheim


08261 / 5584
08261 / 738441

Office's open hours

Tuesdays: 9 am to 12 pm
Thursdays: 2 pm to 5 pm
Support: Doris Kawan


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