More payment!
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More payment!

Money issues

Even though a completely fictitious event in the history of Mindelheim, this re-enactment of payment quarrels is most certainly not an unrealistic one for the days of the mercenaries. As the end of a war generally meant to be sent home without any further payment, revolts amongst soldiers were a frequent occurrence. Exactly these historical circumstances serve as background for the scenery at the town wall/town moat leading to a serious fight between disappointed soldiers on the one hand and the paying party on the other. This is the story: Georg von Frundsberg has charged his inferiors with the recruitment of soldiers to be paid a recruiting fee. The funds, however, do not match the number of volunteers. Some of the soldiers organize themselves in order to demand what is not provided for: More payment! The situation escalates and confrontation becomes inevitable. A short but fierce battle with heavy artillery, crossbow shooting and sword fighting arises to be ended by the promise of payment and a tap of beer in order to soothe the waters. Acting groups: Fähnlein Helfenstein, Rechberg, Ems, Schertlin.

Responsible: Maximilian Spies.

Leitung: Maximilian Spies

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