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A most delicious monument

Even though Georg von Frundsberg readily became the object of innumerable tales, poems and songs during his lifetime, one particular legend is still especially well-liked by all Mindelheim children today. Celebrating the chivalric bravery and compassion of the Tyrolean knight, this particular tale tells us that he saved a man’s life, who had fallen into a river during the famous Battle of Pavia in 1525. The healthy return of the young man was celebrated by his father who happened to be a baker, by sending a cart full of sweet buns to the Mindelburg, and these were distributed by Frundsberg to the children.

An enchanting story this, but it was made up by the regional writer Arthur Maximilian Miller (1901-1992). In fact, it was Georg von Frundsberg himself who created the tradition of the so-called “Frundsbergwecken” and thus a quite unwarlike, indeed charming and tasty way of commemorating himself to later generations. Maybe he had already guessed that such popular practices might be much longer-lasting than monuments made of stone and iron ever will be. In those days, however, only the boys who visited the service on the eve of St. Georg at the Mindelburg enjoyed this treat. Later on, the custom changed to monetary presents, and thus finally petered out due to the inflation following the First World War. As late as 1979, the delicious habit was revived by the then captain of the Frundsberg Fähnlein, Hans Weber, and has remained ever since. Every year the Fähnlein together with the pipers and drummers of the Spielmannszug, parade to the Mindelburg, as well as their own camp during the Festival, celebrating the Frundsbergwecken made of yeast dough with raisins and almonds. However, then as now, the treat is for local primary school children only.

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